About Brigitte

Brigitte Martinez is a human kaleidoscope, changing shape and colour from whatever angle you look. Born in Casablanca, raised in French by parents of Spanish extraction, she’s a one-woman Mediterranean melting pot.


Add to that the many roles she has played… the design studies with Philippe Starck, the many years as a successful architect, and the numerous international exhibitions as an artist around the world.


You’re beginning to get the picture?


But in this latest chapter of this galloping story, Brigitte has fixed her sights on coaching and public speaking, with exactly the same sense of commitment, purpose and ambition.


And so, after years of studying, including a diploma at the SANE Institute in Paris, and working her way through dozens of courses, seminars, videos, and books, and having accumulated rich experience with her many private coaching clients, Brigitte now works with executives, artists, singers, and countless other individuals, helping them towards ever greater self-discovery and self-expression.


She has also addressed groups in varied contexts and delivered lectures to audiences of many hundreds in the South of France, Geneva, Casablanca, Rabat and Barcelona.


To learn more about this extraordinary coach, contact Brigitte here