Doing great but want more? Going through a divorce? Lacking motivation in life? In search of intellectual sparkle? Lonely? Down on your luck? Stuck in a rut?


The people who come to Brigitte Martinez for coaching are from all kinds of backgrounds, countries, and contexts. In individual sessions lasting up to 90 minutes, they cut to the chase of what’s up, and what can be done about it.


You won’t spend long hours on a sofa rehashing the past. The past will serve as a mere springboard. Your real aim in individual coaching is to build the future.


And using a series of revolutionary mental and physiological techniques that draw on the latest in neurosciences, you’ll work together from Day 1 to set about that task: imagining, preparing, co-creating and attracting a life in which you think better, act better and above all feel better, with astonishing results.


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